King Court, 17 School Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, 
B28 8JG 
Repointing is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also important to your home in regards to combating damp in your home as repointing your home can prevent water ingress. If you can visibly see missing parts of mortar then it is time to repoint the neglected parts of where pointing is missing as if this is left neglected not only can it cause your home multiple problems it can also decrease the value of your home which is just one of the reasons repointing your home is so important. 
We have recently finished a block paving service in Rednal, Birmingham. The drive was originally a front garden with a wall situated at the front and hedges running alongside the front garden which all had to be removed in order to create car parking space. The block paving itself took 1 day to lay & cut in however the whole block paving driveway installation took 4 days which from start to finish. On the 1st day on this block paving service the Elegant team had begun by knocking the front wall out & hand digging the front garden out as we could not get access to remove the waste via machinery. 
Feather Edge Fencing is a popular type of fencing most commonly installed in gardens or on the side of driveway for decorative purposes. Although there are many other types of fencing feather edge fencing is very popular as it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also cost effective & feather edge fencing can be installed at various heights, with or with out gravel boards. When having feather edge fencing it is perfect to either be installed at the same level height the whole length of the fencing required & perfect if it has to be installed on a sloped ground. 
Here at Elegant we are a professional fencing contractor carrying out services through out Birmingham & have over 20 years of experience so you can have peace of mind when you may require a fencing contractor. We have done many projects from small residential houses to large commercial properties so when you select a fencing contractor you can be sure that Elegant is the right choice for you no matter what specifics you require. When we carry out any of our fencing contractor services we like to assure our customers that we dedicate our selves to each individual project to assure the highest quality fencing contractor service possible. 
A few days ago we had posted regarding our patio installation in Belbroughton & we are now pleased to inform you that this patio installation has now been completed. On this patio installation we had to remove the previous materials through our mini digger & had replaced with new materials which the customer had selected for a beautiful patio installation. On this patio installation we had installed a top level of a patio with Natural slate slabs for there plans for socialising purposes in the summer. With installing this the rest of the garden was then made a step down to a small artificial turf installation with a shed in the rear of the garden. The customer was amazed with the patio installation & it was a pleasure on our behalf to carry out this patio installation. 
Here at Elegant our patio installers are here not only to make your patio look stunning but also to add value to your property! When our patio installers are carrying out your patio installation we like to ensure you they are installing with only the best materials which will be durable come sun, rain, hail or snow! When it comes to selecting your patio please do not rush your self as the Elegant team will take our time to assist you & do not worry about yorr selection as our patio installers have done them all! 
A fencing installation is not only for security purposes but can also give your property that Elegant touch you've always been looking for. We have highly skilled fencing installers who have completed all manor of fencing installations from very basic to the up-most complex fencing installation so please do not hesitate to ask for your specific requirements concerning your fencing installation. A fencing installation from Elegant will not only be aesthetically pleasing but we also pride our selves on cost effectiveness to ensure you get an affordable & beautiful fencing installation. 
Here at My Elegant Home we offer a bespoke patio service through out Birmingham. When it comes to having a patio service they are excellent for social gatherings, family & quality leisure time but when you are selecting your patio service there are multiple choices to ensure your patio service is the perfect one for you. At Elegant we are extremely passionate about working to your design or together as we can help you make sure you have selected the correct patio service to truly compliment your home & make the most of your garden with the perfect patio service installed. 
Here at My Elegant Home we offer a high quality fencing service through out Birmingham. We have to offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to selecting which type of fencing service you would like for your home & are here to help you in any way possible to ensure your fencing service is exactly what you had visualised. Each fencing service we carry out is always different & this is why we like to assure all of our customers that no matter what requirements you need please do not be hesitant to ask as we are here to make sure every fencing service is carried out to each individuals specific requirements. 
We are looking forward to starting a Patio Service in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. This patio service includes us removing the current materials (grass & gravel) in the back garden via digging it out to the sufficient depth to ensure for a top quality patio service! We have the materials on the way & will be sure to give you an update on monday regarding our process on this patio service!  


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