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Here at My Elegant Home we offer a bespoke patio service through out Birmingham. When it comes to having a patio service they are excellent for social gatherings, family & quality leisure time but when you are selecting your patio service there are multiple choices to ensure your patio service is the perfect one for you. At Elegant we are extremely passionate about working to your design or together as we can help you make sure you have selected the correct patio service to truly compliment your home & make the most of your garden with the perfect patio service installed. 
Here at My Elegant Home we offer a high quality fencing service through out Birmingham. We have to offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to selecting which type of fencing service you would like for your home & are here to help you in any way possible to ensure your fencing service is exactly what you had visualised. Each fencing service we carry out is always different & this is why we like to assure all of our customers that no matter what requirements you need please do not be hesitant to ask as we are here to make sure every fencing service is carried out to each individuals specific requirements. 
We are looking forward to starting a Patio Service in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. This patio service includes us removing the current materials (grass & gravel) in the back garden via digging it out to the sufficient depth to ensure for a top quality patio service! We have the materials on the way & will be sure to give you an update on monday regarding our process on this patio service!  
After yesterday we have now completed this fencing installation with all 24 fencing panels now installed. The customer had selected rock face gravel boards & concrete fencing posts for this specific fencing service. This fencing service in Kings Heath has had all the waste from the site removed & has now truly transformed this garden with a beautifully installed fencing service from My Elegant Home. Get in touch with us today. 
Today the Elegant team have begun a fencing installation in Kings Heath & will be supplying and fitting 24 6x6 panels. Today we have began the fencing service & have had the gravel boards, fencing posts & fence panels arrived, although we have only been there a day this fencing service is already started taking shape. We have the majority of the wholes dug out (prepared to continue installing the next panels) and by tomorrow this fencing installation should be nearly completed & we have already had some interest by the neighbour and is considering having a fencing service of her own carried out! 
Today we have installed the ACO drainage system on this block paved driveway and have over half of the driveway laid and cut in. Although half of this driveway service has been completed it may take another 2 days to fully complete this particular job is quite a large job and will need to be sanded. This job was laid on a 45 degree style of block paving which was requested by the customer and this block paved driveway is now starting to take shape and we have even had a few of the neighbours take interest in this driveway service!  
We today have put the rest of the hardcore down on this driveway service in Stirchley filling it from a 12 inch depth and compressing it. The reason for putting hardcore down is to ensure that the driveway service we carry out will not sink but before doing this we had to ensure we had sufficiently dug out the driveway thus removing any sponged parts of the foundation. If this is not done correctly the customers driveway could have parts of the driveway sinking. Now this block paved driveway has had the hardcore installed we have now levelled the sand on the whole driveway to the correct level and this part of this driveway service is now laid. This driveway service will also have ACO drainage supplied and fitted at the bottom of the drive as the driveway is sloped towards the home which means rainwater will go into the direction of the house.  
On this driveway service in Stirchley today we had the site prepared and cleared ready to continue where we had left off yesterday. Today our job consisted of laying down the hardcore and the block border being installed ready to lay the rest of the drive. On all our driveway installations we lay the border on a dry sand and cement mix and screed it to the correct level for the rest of the driveway to be laid in synchronisation. This customer has requested as well as carrying out the driveway service we are installing a small step to her front door for ease of access and to give the driveway service the finishing touch the customer requested.  
The job we are currently on is a block paved driveway in Stirchley. This customer found us from on of our previous driveway services we had carried out in Bournville. We have just began this driveway service and are currently having the previously installed tarmac dug out with our mini digger & then removed from the site. This driveway when finished will have a charcoal block border with a finish of a grey block on the rest of the driveway.  
We have now completed the patio service requested and the customer was extremly happy with the end result. This particular job had taken us 4 days from start to finish which also included the Elegant team carrying out a fencing service. The customer had selected a forest paloma style of fencing for the fencing service we had carried out which in addition made the whole service Elegant. Come back for more information on our services! 


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