We are ranked in the top 3 Painters and Decorators in Birmingham! 
Welcome to My Elegant Home Painting & Decorating, offering cost effective solutions. The interior of your home should feel like your own personalised haven from the outside world. Everyone needs that place where they can unwind & relax after a stressful work day or just get away from it all. Your home should be that perfect getaway if it isn't, you should considering contacting us! 
Why use Kitchen Paints ? 
Some times people often question the use of kitchen paints as a pose to standard paints. Kitchen paints though however are effective as kitchen paints are steam resistant as well as many other benefits. If there is a steam build up with a surround of standard paints, after a period of time the paint will eventually begin to blister/peel. There are many more benefits to using kitchen paints. 
Why use Bathroom Paints ? 
Although bathroom paints are marginally different in cost they earn there value back over time. One of the main benefits of bathroom is that it is moisture & steam resistant. This means in comparison to standard paints the standard bathroom paints will have a longer life span in areas that have a high builld of moisture/steam
Painting new plaster ? 
There are some options when it comes to painting onto a newly plastered surface, most commonly painters tend to mist coat the newly plastered surface or use a premade new plaster paint. Both of these options are an effective way for the plaster & preparations for the next step. For those who don't know mist coating it is a pure brilliant white emulsion matt paint that has been mixed with a ratio of water. Different painters & people will have different opinions on how much water should be added for the perfect mix. To ensure a professional finish though, you can be assured that My Elegant Home is the correct choice! 
Redecorating your home is an exciting chance to give your home that personalized feel you need but can also be a daunting task. This is why here at My Elegant Home our professional team of Painters & Decorators are on hand to help you select the right colours to make sure it looks just how you imagined it. We are happy to assist you in any way to ensure you achieve the decorating project you had visualized. 
Elegant is here to help in both terms of small touch up cosmetics to a full out Painting & Decorating renovation of your home. We are here to support you no matter the circumstances and know how to approach a job professionally and ensure excellent results for all of our customers. We like to reassure our customers that our priority is to protect your floors, carpets and furniture and make sure that there will be no paint or damage to any of your home should you select Elegant to carry out your works. 
We deal with the most complex of interior/exterior Painting and Decorating finishing with particular emphasis on painting and Decorating works the require the expert knowledge and experience. We cover all types of premises for your Painting & Decorating needs including offices, houses, flats and many more. 
The key to ensuring the perfect finish for your home is extensive preparation works, this is to ensure the perfect finish every time. Although there is a lot of attention to detail we assure the disturbance is minimal & cleanliness is priority. As quality painters and decorators we pride ourselves on our customer service, trust & reliaibility which has taken time & dedication which has been built up over time. 
If you require plastering to be carried out on your home please feel free to visit our Plastering page for further information or to arrange your free no obligation quote. 
If you require any of our Painting & Decorating services please feel free to contact our office on 0121 514 0762 or simply fill in our contact form & of our team members will be in touch shortly. Should you require a quote off My Elegant Home we like to assure our customers that we provide full written quotations as standard. 
Full Written Quotations. 
Our Painting and Decorating Services include but are not limited to the following: 
Commercial Painting and Decorating 
Communal Painting and Decorating 
Exterior Painting and Decorating 
Interior Painting and Decorating 
Residential Painting and Decorating 
Woodwork Staining and Glossing 
Benefits of Painting & Decorating  
Cleans & protects walls 
Personalises your home 
Variety of colours 
Increased appeal  
Adds value to your property 


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